Nová verze UTM Up2Date 9.605 (doporučení)

Nová verze UTM Up2Date 9.605 (doporučení)

Všem našim zákazníkům doporučujeme implementovat nejnovější update Sophos UTM verzi 9.605. Tato verze řeší monžství chyb.

V 1. fázi si můžete stáhnout aktualizační balíček z FTP serveru společnosti SOPHOS, v 2. fázi ho bude společnost SOPHOS rozšiřovat prostřednictvím serverů Up2Date.

Vyřešené chyby:

NUTM-10885 [Basesystem] Fallback log flooded since update to 9.6
NUTM-10667 [Email] Emails are not being processed, have „Stale ID in DB“ in debug log
NUTM-10870 [Email] UTM not rejecting emails with dot at the end of the local part address
NUTM-10809 [RED] Offline provisioned RED15 loses their config in case of UTM reboot
NUTM-10812 [RED] RED can’t connect to UTM if it is configured in transparent/split mode and a DNS name as UTM hostname
NUTM-10903 [RED] Transparent/split: DNS does not work if the gateway and DNS server are different but in the same network
NUTM-10962 [RED] Fix for RED50 does not start up after firmware update for most scenarios
NUTM-10636 [Reporting] Executive report not accurate – missing SSL VPN sessions
NUTM-10877 [Sandstorm] Sandbox Activity in Webadmin does not show all activities since 9.6
NUTM-10822 [WAF] Privilege escalation from modules‘ scripts (CVE-2019-0211)
NUTM-10823 [WAF] URL normalization inconsistency (CVE-2019-0220)
NUTM-10886 [WAF] All HTTP requests are forwarded to HTTPS
NUTM-10978 [WAF] reverseproxy.log does not show requested domain
NUTM-10986 [WAF] HTML rewriting in large embedded CSS leaks memory
NUTM-10705 [WebAdmin] Potential User Portal session cookie hijacking
NUTM-10862 [WebAdmin] After updating to 9.6 read only admins cannot see advanced tabs
NUTM-10941 [WebAdmin] Webadmin not accessible when user prefetch is running
NUTM-10952 [WebAdmin] HTTPS pages sporadically no longer work with transparent proxy since 9.602
NUTM-10748 [Web] Proxy restarted httpproxy.DeferredExpire
NUTM-10792 [Web] Follow up: New Web Templates for content warn does not work in 9.6
NUTM-10802 [Web] HTTPS websites are not accessible through http proxy if you follow the BSI recommendation regarding TLS
NUTM-10816 [Web] Blockpage font rendered incorrectly in Firefox
NUTM-10876 [Web] Web Proxy blocks range requests since 9.6
NUTM-10895 [Web] Video from NEST CAM constantly loading
NUTM-10985 [Web] HTTP proxy is getting crashed with segfault and core dump

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