SFOS 17.5 MR8 (doporučení)

Společnost Sophos vydala SFOS v17.5 MR8 pro Sophos XG Firewall. Zpočátku bude firmware k dispozici manuálním stažením z účtu MySophos. Firmware bude nejprve zpřístupněn prostřednictvím automatické aktualizace pro část zákazníků, a poté pro všechny.

Tento update, který jsme již otestovali, řeší množství chyb a doporučujeme ho našim zákazníkům aplikovat na firewall.

Vyřešené problémy:

  • NC-47055 [Authentication] Support >48 characters password length for Radius Server
  • NC-46680 [Certificates] Completing CSR with certificate breaks SSL VPN
  • NC-48512 [Dynamic Routing (PIM)] Multicast traffic getting stopped after update of interface
  • NC-39749 [Email] Use FQDN in Quarantine Digest
  • NC-40831 [Email] Add capability to increase size of Mail Quarantine area in UI
  • NC-45305 [Email] SPX related reports not being displayed on the GUI
  • NC-48542 [Email] Potential RCE via arbitrary file creation vulnerability
  • NC-49003 [Email] Custom ports for SMTP proxy stopped working after 17.5
  • NC-46938 [FQDN] FQDNd doesn’t update/create ipset
  • NC-46401 [Import-Export Framework] „/conf“ partition is at 100%
  • NC-47095 [Interface Management] TSO changes are not permanent in HA
  • NC-48031 [Interface Management] Wifi client did not get gateway and other config after reboot until enable and re-enable the wifi on client
  • NC-48487 [IPS Engine] Postgres taking high CPU
  • NC-48956 [IPS Engine] Modify IPS TCP Anomaly Detection setting to disabled in default setting
  • NC-46079 [Logging Framework] Garner coredump on aux node following upgrade to 17.5 MR3
  • NC-46780 [Logging Framework] Reports not being generated when Email Notification feature is enabled
  • NC-46879 [Sandstorm] Add support for Sandstorm’s Frankfurt data centre
  • NC-48718 [Service Object] Unable to edit service object that is assigned to a firewall rule
  • NC-43625 [UI Framework] Adding VLAN interface fails in IE in HA Active-Active mode
  • NC-45371 [UI Framework] Incorrect UI behavior for Web User Activities
  • NC-45495 [Web] Policy Tester UI and overlay issues
  • NC-45724 [Web] Full file download retry failure after 416 (Range Not Satisfiable) being returned by proxy
  • NC-47626 [Web] Web category „Hacking“ should be classified as „Objectionable“ instead „Acceptable“
  • NC-47075 [Wireless] Export of the WirelessAccessPoint does not contain the Group
  • NC-47115 [Wireless] WirelessAccessPoint includes the wrong value for
  • NC-47738 [Wireless] XML import is failing for wireless config failing when RADIUS Server and Pending Access Points data is present in import file

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